L.A. Kayge


My birth name Is Anita Harrold. I am known as Ms. L.A. KAYGE. I’m a co-founder and co-owner of KAYGE Gaming. My official title is chief operating officer  (C.O.O.). I am the sole owner and founder of L.A. KAYGE Entertainment which was established in 2014. My role as C.O.O. is to oversee the day-to-day operations, manage organizational changes, and lead the execution of all organizational strategies established by our leadership team. The “KAYGE” would not have been born without karaoke. Yes, I love to sing. But more importantly, I love to entertain. I spend my time with my family and friends who have become family. Time is THE most precious commodity-so choose wisely to whom you give it. I believe I am here to help everyone recognize his/her own inner “Star”. I am passionate about empowering individuals to “unleash” whatever it is that keeps them from becoming or doing exactly what they are distinctly here to do or become. Be bold, be brave, be brilliant! And walk in Amazement because guess what, you are simply that.. AMAZING!


What's up my name is Chris but some people call me Mr.H. I am the CEO, Co-Founder, and Co-Owner of Kayge Gaming. My goal is to bring Esports to Stockton and provide new career options for our youth.


Hey everyone! My name is Robert J. Williams, Jr. , but you can call me “Rob”.  I am co-owner of KAYGE Gaming and Chief Financial Officer or “CFO”. I am also responsible for analyzing the company’s financial strengths and areas for improvements. And, for each area we can be better, I propose a corrective action plan (CAP).


Hey All, My name is Antonina Harrold, but the kids call me TeeTee… I am a Co-Owner of KAYGE Gaming where I hold the title of Public Relations Director. I currently reside in Stockton where I provide care for children on a daily basis in my Family Home Child Care. My goal is to help to provide a safe, dynamic and happy place at the KAYGE for all to come and enjoy!.


John Adams is Co-owner and Marketing Director of Kayge Gaming. Mr. Adams has worked directly with disadvantaged communities within the Bay Area and Central Valley for the last 23 years of his life. He has dedicated his life to the enrichment, empowerment of his family, and community. John is a dedicated father, husband, brother, community activist, and program developer, and looks forward to continuing his service to his family and community.


My name is Cheletta Harrold. I am co-owner and special events director of KAYGE Gaming. I am excited to learn more about the gaming industry, and what KAYGE Gaming will be able to provide for it. I am a mompreneur, I have other businesses that I run alongside with my husband; I have four children; I’m a homeschooling mom; a published author and currently working on finalizing a book in which I am co- author of with my husband. I am looking forward to helping build KAYGE with my previous business experiences and creativity. I know that by learning more about the needs and wants of the gaming community, KAYGE Gaming will be able to expand and be successful because we will implement what we’ve learned so that the gaming community will feel heard. KAYGE Gaming is coming for 1%!


Hiiiii my name is Bria I’m the Social Media Manager Co-Owner of KAYGE Koding. I’m the daughter of Ms.LA I’m a software engineer, musician, and a animal lover. I’m am very proud to be apart of my brilliant family and can’t not wait to see and help my family grow generational wealth.


Hi my name is Joeseph Brown. I am a gaming developer for kayge gaming I am also a Co-Owner of KAYGE Koding. My hobbies are playing sports, video games , coding, listening to music and hanging with family and friends.


HELLO THERE. My name is Spencer, some  call me DJ.  I was born and raised in Stockton, and I love everything about gaming. I take pride in ensuring everything is running smoothly for our guests.


Hello. My name is Spencer. I am the NXBSOLUTIONS designee  assigned to assist KAYGE with their day to day operations as well as special projects. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach email me at [email protected], or call 

(209) 910-7305